Rich and density cheese cake and pumpkin cheese cake! yummy!


I make cheese cakes recely. It`s density and rich flavor!

I have made it for 10 years more! It`s so easy to make.

Put all ingredients in a blender and bake it. I strongly recommend it to you!


-Cream cheese 1 box(226 g)

-Fresh cream ( I use Heavy one) 200 cc/1 cup

-Egg 3

-Sugar 80 g

-Flour 3 tbsp

(-if you like, lemon, vanilla essence)

How to make:

-Put all ingredients in a blender

-Put them in an mold. (better to spread butter or olive oil on the mold)

-Bake in a 330 F oven for 45 mints

-Put it in refrigerator to make it cool.


Pumpkin cheese cake!

You can add these below to the ingredients above.

-Pumpkin 1/4

(Take out the skin of pumpkin and put them in an oven for 4 mints then mash them)

-Fresh cream or milk 50 cc

Pumpkin cheese cake is also yummy!

Let`s try it!


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