Hi, I’m Maiko Kataoka, living in San Jose, California from July 2013 because of my husband’s work.

I’m opening a Japanese home cooking classes in English at my apartment in February. Because I found that lots of people love to eat ramen, sushi, tempura which are Japanese foods and I’m so happy to see them. So I thought it would be nice if you can cook them at home as well.
Why don’t you try cooking Japanese home dishes with me?

You can see more details here.

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About my carrier:

Before I came to America, I was a Japanese art coordinator.

I’ve worked for an art event company for 3 years and did my own business for 2 years about supporting Japanese art&crafts artists.

I displayed and sell their art works, calligraphy, pottery, Japanese fan, painting, photograph and so on in some fancy cafes in Omotesando, shibuya in Tokyo.

And also I brought their works to Paris in France to join their Japanese culture events, Japan Expo 2012 in Paris, etc.


I like to introduce Japanese things not only art&crafts but also Japanese cooking and cultures.

So if you are interested in Japanese things, I hope this blog will be helpful for you!

I also do my blog.

And I’d be nice if we meet someday!


Maiko Kataoka

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