Fried White Fish with Tar Tar Sauce


Have you ever had Tar Tar Sauce?
It’s so good! You can put it on any fish, meats or sea foods I think! Especially it’s good with fried meals.

I posted about TarTar sauce with Fried Chicken before.Fried Chicken with TarTar sauce

This time is for Fried Fish!!

-Any kind of white fish(or you can use Salmon as well!)
-Salt and Pepper
-Corn starch (or Katakuriko in Japanese)
-Panko (graded dried bread)

TarTar sauce
-1 egg
-1/4 onion
-Mayonnaise (as much as you like)
-1 Tsp Soy Sauce
-Mentsuyu( if you have)

1 Sprinkle Salt and pepper on the white fish.
2 Sprinkle starch on the fish
3 Put Panko (graded dry bread) on the fish
4 Deep fry the fish

Direction (tarTar sauce)
1 Boil the egg hardly
2 Chop the onion and hard boiled egg
3 Put the egg and onion in a bowl
4 Put mayo and salt in the bowl
5 Put soy sauce (and mentsuyu) in the bowl
6 Stir them

Put the TarTar sauce on the fried fish



Beef Donburi (gyu-don)


I love Donburi dish for lunch! Because it’s easy to make!

This is beef Donburi.


-1/8 onion
-1 mushroom
-1 asparagus

-100 ml water
-1 Tbsp soy sauce
-1 Tbsp mirin
-1 Tbsp cooking sake
-1 Tbsp mentsuyu (or 1 tsp hon dashi )
-1 egg

1 Cut all vegetables and beat an egg.
2 Sauté the vegetable in a pan.
3 put water, soy sauce, mirin, cooking sake and mentsuyu. And braise them.
4 put beated egg in the pan and stir with chopsticks.


Salad with Sesami oil and Salt


Usually when’s have salad, I put Sesami oil and salt on a salad.

My husband loves it too.

Sesami oil helps for anti aging and having beauty skin!

I like the taste and flavor.

Today I made this salad.
-Smoked salmon

And put
-1 Tbsp Sesami oil
-1/2 Tsp

You can put them as you like!

There are some kind of Sesami oil in Japanese super markets.

I usually buy this brand.
This is so yummy!

Chicken with green onion sauce


I love green onion.
This recipe is so good with rice!
My husband loves it too.

-Chicken 500g
-Salt 1Tsp
-Cooking sake 1Tbsp
-Starch 1Tbsp

Cut chicken into bite size. Put all ingredients above in a bowl and stir them.

-Chopped Green onion
-Chicken powder(cube )
– Water 80ml
-Sugar 20g

Put chicken in a pan and sauté. Put chicken powder, water and sugar in the pan and heat it to a boil.


Roast Beef! Good much with Teriyaki sauce

How to cook Roast Beef

1, Take the beef out from a refrigerator

2, Sprinkle salt and pepper on the beef

3, Sauté the beef in a pan until it becomes brown.

4, Put them in the oven 340F and bake it for 15 mints.

5, Take the beef out from the oven and wrap them for more than 30 mints

6, Put Teriyaku sauce and sake in a pot and heat it. Teriyaki sauce and Sake 1:1

7, You can dip the beef in the sauce.


When my mom came to San Jose we make it together!