Oyako-Dinburi. Japanese easy home cooking!


Today’s lunch is Oyako-Donburi

This us so easy and yummy!!

We put eggs and chicken definitely and put any vegetables.

Oyako means child and mom.

Egg and Chiken is like that. So we call this dish Oyako-don. Don is the same as Donburi which is a dish plate like a bowl.

This recipe is my own one.

Some people might do different way.

I put (for 2 people)

- egg 3



-green pepper


-geen onion(at the end)

-men tsuyu(liquid for noodle like soba)

-soy sauce


Put all ingredients except eggs in a pan and sauté.

Put Men tsuyu and soy sauce in there.

After boiling, put 3 beated eggs in there and stirring 3 or 4 times with chopsticks. And put cover with rid or foil to keep eggs half cooked.

Put rice first and put this above then put chopped green onions.


Green tea “Maccha” ice cream at sushi restaurant “Yakko sushi in Mountain View”


Green tea ice cream!!
We call them “Maccha” ice cream.

So yummy!
We had it at a sushi restaurant as a dessert. They served it for free!
What a nice service!!

I for got to take a photo of sushi but
I ordered Chirashi B, which was so good !!!

It’s in Mountain view.
Let’s try it!

yakko sushi

Creamy sauce pasta from Ajillo oil yesterday


I made cream pasta with ajillo’s oil from yesterday!

Usually when I make Ajillo, I use the yummy oil to pasta!
Sometimes peperincino, sometimes creamy sauce with the Olive oil.

This time I made cream sauce pasta!

The oil from yesterday was so tasty.
There are some cube garlics still but some of them melted into the Olive oil.

I put onions, carrots, mushrooms, shrimps again.

This is one of our(my husband as well) favorite pasta from Ajillo!!




A whole garlic
Mushroom 5
Shrimp 6

Peel a piece of garlic. Cut mushrooms in half.
Heat Olive oil and put garlic first. Cook over a low flame. The then after 3 minutes put mushrooms in the pot.
When garlics becomes soft, put shrimps in the pot.
Seasons with salt, pepper and paprika.

Tea which lower your blood-sugar!


This tea lower your blood-sugar level.
and this has no caffeine.

I’m pregnant so it’s so helped me!!

This tea is so popular in Japan to drink in Summer for all Japanese people.

Usually we drink it cold.

We call this Mugi cha.

They have it in any Japanese super market.

It’s easy to make.
1000ml of water for 1 tea pack.



Let’s try it!


Terrine of Salmon


Terrine of Salmon



-Salmon 200g

-Egg white 1

-Fresh cream 50ml

-Soy sauce 1 table spoon


1, Salmon, fresh cream and soy sauce put into a blender

2, Mix 1 and chopped leeks

3, Cut aluminium foil with 40 cm(1.3 ft)

4, Put 2 on the aluminium foil to shape 5cm(0.2 ft) diameter and wrap it, then twist both edges

5, Put 4 into a pan with boiled water, water`s high is about 7 inch

Boil it for 5 mints with low flame

6, Turn it over and boil for 5 mints with low flame

7, Put it out and wait until the allay the fever

I made special dinner for my hubby’s birthday


I celebrated my hubby’s birthday the other day.
I decided to give him
・dinner I make

I put these things in a wooden basket.

・wine I bought in Carmel. Zinfandel.
・Honey, pate and white truffle mustered I bought at a French market in San Mateo.

The Gourmet Market

We love wine, especially before I was pregnant, we had one bottle a day every day!

We like zinfandel a lot which is a kind of grapes from California.

About honey, he likes Orange and Acacia so I bought them.

And I got pate by 3 dollers! The expiration date is almost! so we have to have it soon though, but looks so good

And I bought white truffle mustered for the first time because the store staff recommended it. This is good for stakes!

I’m curious about the taste!

The basket is from a World market.

This is a Japanese Sake he brought from Japan. He loves it so it hadn’t been opened for a few months! So I thought about the menus matching with this sake.

This name is Nabeshima.


I referred to three Harumi Kurihara’s book I brought from Japan.
Scallops sautéed with garlic


Yum dumpling with an sauce


 Soup with clams


Roasted beef with wasabi and soy sauce


uni don


 cheese cake



I wrapped the present
(Sun flowers are my favorite)


I’m glad he likes them.
( *´艸`) ♪
I want to cook dishes in some special days again.

And keep up our good relations : )