Oyako-Dinburi. Japanese easy home cooking!


Today’s lunch is Oyako-Donburi

This us so easy and yummy!!

We put eggs and chicken definitely and put any vegetables.

Oyako means child and mom.

Egg and Chiken is like that. So we call this dish Oyako-don. Don is the same as Donburi which is a dish plate like a bowl.

This recipe is my own one.

Some people might do different way.

I put (for 2 people)

- egg 3



-green pepper


-geen onion(at the end)

-men tsuyu(liquid for noodle like soba)

-soy sauce


Put all ingredients except eggs in a pan and sauté.

Put Men tsuyu and soy sauce in there.

After boiling, put 3 beated eggs in there and stirring 3 or 4 times with chopsticks. And put cover with rid or foil to keep eggs half cooked.

Put rice first and put this above then put chopped green onions.


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