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Hi, thank you for coming this page!

I have done some classes for Japanese home cooking for 4 months.

But we are going to move to Chicago soon. So unfortunately I have to finish teaching for it in San Jose.

I will do it again in Chicago when we settle down in a new place.

Thank you for reading this.

There is my blog here if you are interested in me.


Thank you

Maiko Kataoka

Classes finished in March 2015

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March 14th

We made Obento dishes! There were 4 students joined! After the class, they made the same recipes for their picnic on the next day! I’m happy they tried to make them!

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I wrote about it here I’m done with 4th cooking class


March 28th

I taught how to make Braised pork belly, Sushi rolls and Clam clear soup.

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They also rolled sushi! They could roll them so well!

I wrote about it here I’m done with 5th cooking class

Classes finished in April 2015


April 17th (Tue)

Obento & Tonkatsu!


This is the blog about the class 17th!


April 17th (Fri)

Tempura & Katsudon!




This is my blog of the class 17th.


This is my blog.
My blog

This is my post which is about the reason why I want to open the Japanese Cooking Class in San Jose.
I will open the Japanese Cooking Class in San Jose

Classes finished in February 2015

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February 14th (Sat) 10:30-  DONE!

The menu was Okonomiyaki!


3 students came to learn Okonomiyaki.

One of them will come again next week and the other two will come back on next month!

Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

I wrote about the class on my blog “I’m done withe my first cooking class

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February 21th (Sat) 10:30- DONE!

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The menu was Saba no Misoni (Mackerel simmered in miso) and two more dishes.

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Thank you for coming today!

We had simmered Mackerel in miso, potherb mustered with tuna salad and simmered konnyaku with seasonings.  We talked a lot and had a great time! I wrote about it on my blog “I’m done with my second cooking class!


February 28th (Sat) 10:30- DONE!

The menu is going to be Tonkatsu(Deep-fried pork cutlet)

I made Tonkatsu(Pork cutlet), Katsu-don(Pork cutlet on rice), simmerd mushroom with sugar and soy sause.

I appreciated them coming again!

I wrote about it on my blog. “I’m done with the third cooking class “Tonkatsu“.

Thank you so much!!

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Classes in March is here



In the class

-Cooking and eating together
-Giving recipes in English
-If you have some questions, how to use a Japanese product(miso, ponzu, cooking sake, sesami oil etc), vegetables(kaiware, shiso, renkon,etc), feel free to ask
-We can talk and exchange each cultures

Here is about the next lesson.



Obento for hiking ハイキングにお弁当!


I went hiking with Obento I made in the morning!!

Obento is a carried lunch.
Usually when we go picnic or hiking we bring them.
And the menu is like these

-Onigiri (Baked salmon, soboro which is simmered minced-pork inside)
-Simmered spinach
-Fried chicken
-Potato salad
-Tamago yaki ( not in this picture)

I like Obento when I go hiking!!
I wrote about hiking this week here

Little Yosemite


Simmered taro and minced meat 里芋とひき肉の煮物


This dish is very good with rice!
My husband likes it a lot.

Now taro, sato-imo, is popular in Japanese super markets.

They are brown but inside is white.
I usually used them in a Ozouni which we have in Jan. 1-3rd. It’s a soup. And also I use it like this dish.

-6 Taroes
-150g Minced chicken meat
-Green onion
-1/4 cup water
-1 Tsp Hon-dashi
-2 Tbsp Soy sauce
-2 Tbsp Mirin
-2 Tbsp Sake
-1 Tbsp Sugar

-Peal taros and cut in half.
-Boil them in a pod until the taros become soft.
-Waste the boiled water and leave the taro in the pot and put A in it.
-When it boils, you can put minced meat in the pot and simmers until the liquid is almost gone.
-Cut green onion and put then on it.


Stir-fry of Shirataki and mushrooms しらたきとキノコの炒め物


This is healthier and yummy!

I like this long konnyalu, shirataki or itokonnyaku, we say, like a noodle.

This is good with rice or Japanese sake as a appetizer!

-1 package Shirataki
-mushroom as much as you like
-enoki as much as you like
-50 ml Mentsuyu
-1 Tbsp sesame oil

Cut Sirataki in three and mushrooms.
Put Sesami oil in a pan.
Put Sirataki first and stir until it’s dry.
Put mushroom and enoki in the pan and stir.
Put mentsuyu in the pan.
Put chili pepper in the pan.


Mackerel simmered in miso サバの味噌煮 Saba no misoni


We like Saba no misoni a lot!
It’s good with rice and easy to make it.

You can buy cut Mackerel in a Japanese super market.

Direction: for two
1 Put these in a pan and boil it
-water 300ml
-cooking sake Tbsp1.5
-sugar Tbsp2
-mirin Tbsp1/2
-soy sauce Tbsp1

2 Put mackerel and chopped ginger in the pan until it boils it, putting the liquid on the Mackerel.


3 put a lid made by foil on the Mackerel and boil it for 10 mints


4 put Miso Tbsp1.5 in the pan and melt it using the liquid in the pan until the liquid becomes sticky.

5 done!