Tomato & Avocado with Wasabi mayonnaise sauce Capellini


I’m so curious about capellini now!

Especially cold one! Cause now it’s hot like a summer!

Usually I made it with wasabi soy sauce but today I tried it with soy sauce and mayonnaise!
Mayo has fat but it’s totally ok cause I combined tomato and cold pasta, which is refresh and light taste.
So delicious !!

Ingredients : 1 person
Avocado 1/2
Tomato 1/2 or Tomato Can Tbs3-4
Shiso 3
Green onion

Mayo Tbs1.5
Soy sauce Tsp2
Wasabi 4cm/1.5inch

Boil Capellini and put it in water to be cool.
Mix all ingredients and sauce then put capellini. Done!

Let’s try it !!


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