Hayashi Rice


This is a Japanese product.
Tasty Hayashi Rice Sauce Mix

My husband and I love this dish.
This is like curry & rice.
The taste is more like sweet and has tomato in it. It’s doesn’t tomato taste though.

I usually put

-Sliced beef 1 lb
-Onion 1
-Carrot 2

You can cut them as you like.
Put them in a big stew pan and fry for about 5 mints.

And put
-water 2 cups
-milk 1 cup

in the pan and boil for about more than 30 mints. I usually boil 1 hour.

Than, you can put all this product ( one box).

You don’t need to eat all at once.
You can leave it for two or three days if you heat them everyday.

Let’s try!


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