Fried White Fish with Tar Tar Sauce


Have you ever had Tar Tar Sauce?
It’s so good! You can put it on any fish, meats or sea foods I think! Especially it’s good with fried meals.

I posted about TarTar sauce with Fried Chicken before.Fried Chicken with TarTar sauce

This time is for Fried Fish!!

-Any kind of white fish(or you can use Salmon as well!)
-Salt and Pepper
-Corn starch (or Katakuriko in Japanese)
-Panko (graded dried bread)

TarTar sauce
-1 egg
-1/4 onion
-Mayonnaise (as much as you like)
-1 Tsp Soy Sauce
-Mentsuyu( if you have)

1 Sprinkle Salt and pepper on the white fish.
2 Sprinkle starch on the fish
3 Put Panko (graded dry bread) on the fish
4 Deep fry the fish

Direction (tarTar sauce)
1 Boil the egg hardly
2 Chop the onion and hard boiled egg
3 Put the egg and onion in a bowl
4 Put mayo and salt in the bowl
5 Put soy sauce (and mentsuyu) in the bowl
6 Stir them

Put the TarTar sauce on the fried fish



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