Mackerel simmered in miso サバの味噌煮 Saba no misoni


We like Saba no misoni a lot!
It’s good with rice and easy to make it.

You can buy cut Mackerel in a Japanese super market.

Direction: for two
1 Put these in a pan and boil it
-water 300ml
-cooking sake Tbsp1.5
-sugar Tbsp2
-mirin Tbsp1/2
-soy sauce Tbsp1

2 Put mackerel and chopped ginger in the pan until it boils it, putting the liquid on the Mackerel.


3 put a lid made by foil on the Mackerel and boil it for 10 mints


4 put Miso Tbsp1.5 in the pan and melt it using the liquid in the pan until the liquid becomes sticky.

5 done!


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