Classes finished in February 2015

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February 14th (Sat) 10:30-  DONE!

The menu was Okonomiyaki!


3 students came to learn Okonomiyaki.

One of them will come again next week and the other two will come back on next month!

Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

I wrote about the class on my blog “I’m done withe my first cooking class

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February 21th (Sat) 10:30- DONE!

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The menu was Saba no Misoni (Mackerel simmered in miso) and two more dishes.

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Thank you for coming today!

We had simmered Mackerel in miso, potherb mustered with tuna salad and simmered konnyaku with seasonings.  We talked a lot and had a great time! I wrote about it on my blog “I’m done with my second cooking class!


February 28th (Sat) 10:30- DONE!

The menu is going to be Tonkatsu(Deep-fried pork cutlet)

I made Tonkatsu(Pork cutlet), Katsu-don(Pork cutlet on rice), simmerd mushroom with sugar and soy sause.

I appreciated them coming again!

I wrote about it on my blog. “I’m done with the third cooking class “Tonkatsu“.

Thank you so much!!

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Classes in March is here



In the class

-Cooking and eating together
-Giving recipes in English
-If you have some questions, how to use a Japanese product(miso, ponzu, cooking sake, sesami oil etc), vegetables(kaiware, shiso, renkon,etc), feel free to ask
-We can talk and exchange each cultures

Here is about the next lesson.



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