I made special dinner for my hubby’s birthday


I celebrated my hubby’s birthday the other day.
I decided to give him
・dinner I make

I put these things in a wooden basket.

・wine I bought in Carmel. Zinfandel.
・Honey, pate and white truffle mustered I bought at a French market in San Mateo.

The Gourmet Market

We love wine, especially before I was pregnant, we had one bottle a day every day!

We like zinfandel a lot which is a kind of grapes from California.

About honey, he likes Orange and Acacia so I bought them.

And I got pate by 3 dollers! The expiration date is almost! so we have to have it soon though, but looks so good

And I bought white truffle mustered for the first time because the store staff recommended it. This is good for stakes!

I’m curious about the taste!

The basket is from a World market.

This is a Japanese Sake he brought from Japan. He loves it so it hadn’t been opened for a few months! So I thought about the menus matching with this sake.

This name is Nabeshima.


I referred to three Harumi Kurihara’s book I brought from Japan.
Scallops sautéed with garlic


Yum dumpling with an sauce


 Soup with clams


Roasted beef with wasabi and soy sauce


uni don


 cheese cake



I wrapped the present
(Sun flowers are my favorite)


I’m glad he likes them.
( *´艸`) ♪
I want to cook dishes in some special days again.

And keep up our good relations : )

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