Terrine of Salmon


Terrine of Salmon



-Salmon 200g

-Egg white 1

-Fresh cream 50ml

-Soy sauce 1 table spoon


1, Salmon, fresh cream and soy sauce put into a blender

2, Mix 1 and chopped leeks

3, Cut aluminium foil with 40 cm(1.3 ft)

4, Put 2 on the aluminium foil to shape 5cm(0.2 ft) diameter and wrap it, then twist both edges

5, Put 4 into a pan with boiled water, water`s high is about 7 inch

Boil it for 5 mints with low flame

6, Turn it over and boil for 5 mints with low flame

7, Put it out and wait until the allay the fever

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